About Us

We understand the challenges of small businesses and we know how to grow them without breaking the bank.
We also know what investors are looking for.

Let us assist your business today!

Our history

ERA is a South African based Holding Company that was started to assist small local businesses with their administrative requirements. The intent is to get involved with (and potentially invest in) numerous small business with a view towards growing them aggressively through our strategic involvement.


We offer a free top to bottom consultancy package with the intention of investing in (or introducing investors to) small companies that we believe have the potential to grow.

Our Background includes success stories (and admittedly a few failures) of building small businesses in the audio visual, digital signage, solar, ICT, training, hospitality and distribution sectors.


Our Passion for business lies in the strategy of growing small businesses into bigger and more profitable ones.


Our Personality prevents us from making these businesses too much like a corporate, because that impedes growth; and quite frankly we are allergic to bureaucracy.

The Group is split into three divisions:

1. 1. ERAH Consultancy – Free Consultancy Assessment to improve on your marketing and financial offerings.

2. South Coast Business Forum – After doing our business evaluations, these companies were too good to pass up on… So we invested

3. Expat Inc – What happens when you emigrate? Do you pack up and sell your business? No!!!

Small businesses, particularly those with working capital or administrative challenges, are to be focused on. We consult with the business, particularly at top line level, to grow and streamline the entity so that it becomes more profitable.

Thereafter, we actively engage with the owners to improve the business through a number of avenues, such as investment, social marketing spend or even a systems reboot. The intent is to get involved with several companies and have a portfolio of minority stakes in small businesses across the region via the holding company or alternatively introduce these companies to investors.

We do this by diving into the data and establishing where the company is and where it could go. Thereafter, if investable, we put an offer forward detailing our (or a third party’s) potential involvement.

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