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Let’s face it – business is hard in these trying times. We all need a shot in the arm to grow or maintain our brand. But how do we do that without breaking the bank?

To grow a business you need the right mix of:

1. Location – The right place for your trade
2. Marketing – Particularly social media
3. Finance Controls to manage your cash and planning
4. BEE/VAT – To attract corporates
5. Administrative assistance
a. Debtors & Creditors Management
b. HR
c. Legal
d. IT

As most companies on the South Coast are owner run, we often find that the proprietor is bogged down by unnecessary admin, when they should be selling or installing (or both). Building up these resources is often an expensive exercise, hence the concept of cost sharing. We have access to all the above and our intent is to help local business by creating a network for these companies to run optimally.

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